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Things you must research before your trip

Being unprepared can destroy your trip.  Here are few thing you need to do before leaving for your trip.


Find out the average weather for the city your planning to visit during that time of year.  Go onto Google and type "#cityname# average weather"   One week before the trip, check the actual weather.  This will determine if you need an umbrella or sun screen.  Last thing you want is to visit a country during typhoon season.

Travel shots

Make sure you obtain proper travel shots before visiting certain countries.  To find out which shots you require, visit this website :


Some countries require you to purchase visas before hand.  Brazil and China are among the few that require you to spend a day at their embassy lining up for a visa.  On the contrary, some countries also allow you to purchase visa once you arrive. Be prepared. Go to this link and check if a Visa is required for the country you plan on traveling to.

If you do need to apply for a Visa, go to

San Francisco
2021 Fillmore Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone : (415) 229-3210
Contact : Renatas Reklaitis

Washington, DC
1802 Vernon Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone : (202) 684-7150

3401 Louisiana Street
Suite 130
Houston, TX 77002
Phone : (713) 936-0773
Los Angeles
373 S Doheny Drive
Suite B
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone : (310) 878-2590

2021 Fillmore Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94115
E-mail :
Contact : Renatas Reklaitis
Phone : (415) 229-3210

Power Plugs

Check to see the type of power plugs they require in the country.  Many Asian and European countries not only require a different type of plugs, but they require 220 volts.  Be careful to check before you blow the fuse on your electronics devices