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How to find transportation for your trip

I have traveled to over 50 countries world wide, so I am a seasoned traveler.  Below are my methods to find the cheapest vacation :
Research your vacation between Monday to Wednesday.  Most people are usually working on these days and normally don't book their vacations during this time. --  Travel companies know that.

Transportation Research

Step #1

Find out how to get from your home to the airport.  There are 4 ways.

  1. ask a friend for a ride
  2. take the bus
  3. take a taxi
  4. take your own car and park at the airport
  5. - this site allows you to park your car at hotels near the airport.  There are shuttles that will transport you from the hotel to the airport terminals. Make sure you check how often the shuttles arrive. Most hotels shuttles arrive every 15 minutes. There is also an additional $9 service fee from the website.
  6. Park n Fly - this site allows you park at a parking lot near the hotel. The shuttle arrives every 5 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also an additional $3 service fee from the website.

Step #2

Rome2Rio - This app provides you with the cost for each mode of transportation.

Step #4

Find out how to get from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.
1) Shuttles - Most hotels offer free shuttles.

2) Tours - If you're part of a tour group, there is normally a representative that will pick you up from the airport.

3) Taxis - If you're planning to take a taxi, approach a taxi driver yourself.  In Brazil a man approached me asking if I needed a taxi.  Turns out he was part of the Mafia just asking for referral fees from the taxi drivers.

4) Subway - If you're planning to take the subway, make sure your flight lands during the time the subway is open. You also don't want to take the subway in the middle of the night in a foregin place with all your belongings with you.

5) Rental cars - If you plan on renting a car, go with the larger companies such as Avis or Budget.

  1. Most credit card or personal car insurance also covers your rental car insurance. However, the smaller rental companies do not accept this policy. Call them ahead of time to make sure they can accept your credit card or car insurance.
  2. Make sure the rental location is within the airport terminal.
  3. Make sure there are unlimited mileage on the car
  4. Bring your own GPS to save some money
  5. Call ahead to ask about additional taxes
  6. Some car rental companies require you to keep the gas receipt to prove that you filled within 5 miles away.
  7. Check your hotel to see how much is parking per day. In Los Angeles, parking can reach $50 per day. It may be cheaper to just take a taxi.

Step #5

Find out how to get around the city.  For cities where the attractions are spread out, it may be easier to hire a tour guide to drive you to all the attractions.  For others, a subway may be sufficient.

Step #6

If your flight is going to land in the middle of the night, make sure you exchange your money before hand.  Most foreign exchange depots at the airport close around 9pm.  You will need money for transportation to your hotel.