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How to research for entertainment for your trip

It's always good to plan ahead on what you want to do during your vacation.   This gives you an indication of how many days you need to spend at each location and the associated costs.  Planning ahead also allows you to organize the attractions your want to tackle based on the geographical areas.

Step #1

Go to Trip Advisor and enter your city's name in the search box.
Click on "Things to do" for that city
Go through the list.  If there are any that interest you, right click on the link and select "Open in new tab"
You will end up with about 20 attractions you would like to see.

Step #2

Create a simple webpage and list out all the attractions you would like to see

Step #3

Go to Google and enter "attractions name + address"
Copy and paste the attraction's address onto the webpage
If there isn't an address such as Art District.  Go to Google maps and search for the closest intersection.

Step #4

Go to Google and enter "attraction name"
Click on "Images"
Select the image that appeals to you the most and save it to the webpage folder.

Step #5

Go onto Google maps and enter all the attraction's address

Step #6

Re-arrange all the addresses so that the locations are somewhat in alphabetical order.
This method will allow you to see all the entertainment and attractions that are grouped in the same area.

How to find entertainment for your vacation trips.  How to research events and attractions for your trip.Step #7

Create a webpage based on Google maps order.
Add the images beside the attraction's name.
Add the address below the attraction's name.