Singapore - Singapore
Tipping Etiquette

At Restaurants: As in Malaysia, a 10 percent tip is included. Feel free to leave a bit more, but it's not expected.

At Hotels: Tip the concierge up to $10 if he does you a special favor like securing hard-to-get restaurant reservations. Bellboys get the standard $1 a bag. Leave cleaning staff a few dollars a day in an envelope if you wish, but it's not expected.

Guides and Drivers: Guides taking you out for a full day should get $15 to $20 per person, which they will split with the driver, if there is one. With taxi drivers, just round up the fare and leave the change.

Dollars Accepted? Yes, but it's easier to spend Singaporean dollars. (One U.S. dollar is about 1.5 Singaporean dollars.) Hand cabbies U.S. dollars and "they'll be screaming at you for giving them a hassle," says Aik Wye Ng, a publicist for the Singaporean Tourist Board.

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